EX-Theatre Asia was co-established by Lin Pei- Ann who graduated from Intercultural Theatre Institute, Singapore, and an Indian artist Chongtham Jayanta Meetei who graduated from National School of Drama, New Delhi in 2006 at Miaoli, Taiwan.
“EX” is a common prefix applied in many English words, e.g., experiment, exchange, explore, while “Asia” is a geographical source of rich physical language and contextual metaphor.
Theatre is a space that tells stories and encourages philosophical speculation. Combined with artistic elements such as music, dance, and lyrics, theatre regard performers and texts as the primary media of communication and interpretation. The texts are the vehicles that communicate dialectical poetry, whereas performers the carriers of ideological transformation. Thus issues such as how to continue the philosophical speculation in theatre, and how to transform and interpret physical norms of traditional performance, become the experimental theme of EX-Theatre Asia.
With their stylized physical performance, and imagery visual presentation, EX-Theatre Asia has established inter-temporal dialogue between modernity and tradition, referring to core elements such as ecumenical values within our very own humanity, proposing novel interpretations from theatrical perspective, and brining stylish aesthetics that could be found no-where else to Taiwanese theatre. EX-Theatre Asia has devoted years in working on trans-cultural theatre and exploration on modern theatrical aesthetics, searching for more diversified theatrical vocabulary and creating new aesthetical approach of classical performance. In recent years, many of its productions received nominations of important awards, were invited for overseas performance by international art festivals.
It is one of the few renowned Taiwanese theatre troupes that develops its stylish textual interpretation in multiple languages, brings novel pan-Asian elements into Taiwanese theatre, and establishing a transcultural platform of communication.